Our incredible volunteers work behind the scenes to give quality care to all of our adoptable animals. From opening up their home to foster an animal to playing fetch with a four-legged friend, we cannot thank them enough for everything they do! We are excited to share some of their stories with you! 

Paws4ever offers a unique way for the community to support the organization through the ReSale Store in Hillsborough. Every purchase of the quality thrift items that the store sells goes to the organization. We have volunteers like Gracie VanPelt to thank for keeping the store up and running. One of Gracie’s favorite parts of volunteering there is when new products come in. “We always have interesting items that could be worth a lot to any collector! I really do love the Paws4ever ReSale Store” Gracie says. She appreciates the friendly atmosphere and how pets are always welcome! “We always get to see new and regular furry friends come in,” she says. 

Barb Brooks, a volunteer veteran of five years, has found fulfillment with the Canine Companion program during her retirement. After enrolling her dog in the Paws4ever training classes, she knew she wanted to get involved with the volunteer program as a way to stay active! “I get a lot of pleasure knowing that I am helping the dogs with their life at the kennel. I am always a bit sad when one gets adopted as I have come to know them well. But I am happy that they have a new home as this is the best outcome for them” Barb explains. She values her time helping out with the training classes Paws4ever offers as it gives her a greater understanding of dog behavior and the most effective ways to work with them. “I also enjoy working with the great staff that we have. After working with the dogs, I feel like I have done some good for the dogs that have come to Paws4ever” she continues.


Paws4ever is grateful for volunteers like Linda Wright who has opened up her home to foster animals. Linda and her husband have fostered five dogs over the last twelve years she has been part of the Paws4ever community. “This facility has always been first class and I am truly proud to be involved in their mission. The dogs there don’t just receive basic care; they are trained, evaluated for any behavioral problems, receive all kinds of enrichment, and are truly loved by the staff” she says. Linda is a “jack of all trades” when it comes to volunteering. She has manned Paws4ever tables at events, chauffeured dogs to the vet, attended volunteer training classes, worked with dogs in training classes, and so much more! 

At Paws4ever, it makes us happy that our volunteer programs can be a great way for family and friends to bond. Christopher Silcott and his teenage daughter volunteering with the Feline Friends program is an excellent example of this. “She naturally has a servant’s heart and we are so fortunate to have found this opportunity for her,” he says about his daughter. He explains that participating in the program has been very rewarding for them as it allows staff to focus their time in other areas such as medical care, coordinating adoptions, and planning events. Chris and his daughter are dedicated to making sure the cats have a comfortable stay by giving them lots of love! “My daughter and I have not only been able to bond with the animals, but this experience has been a bonding one for us as well!” Chris says.

Our dogs and cats greatly benefit from human interaction whether on Paws4ever’s campus or in a foster home. The time our volunteers spend with our animals makes the transition from pre-adoption to finding a loving forever home so much easier for the animals. Our volunteers get to know the animal’s unique personalities with the one-on-one time they get with them. This makes it easier for the Adoption Center staff to promote the animals to people who will be a good fit to adopt them. Finding the right person for each animal ensures a life-long bond and decreases the chances of pets being returned. The care that these animals receive from our volunteers is invaluable, and it greatly increases the quality of our adoption experiences. 

This year, Paws4ever is especially grateful as volunteering extended throughout COVID-19. Even with restrictions in place and the risk that the pandemic posed, they continued with their steadfast support of the organization. We want to highlight the excellent work of each and every one of our volunteers as they play such a vital role in everything Paws4ever stands for!

If you are interested in becoming a Paws4ever volunteer, please visit our volunteer page and fill out an application.

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