Meet our Trainers

Meet our Trainers

Julie Handy CPDT-KA

Dog Training Program Manager

Julie Handy received her CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed) in 2016. She also earned an M.S. in Human-Canine Life Sciences from Bergin University in 2018. She is passionate about animal behavior and loves to teach others about her favorite subject. 

Julie has loved animals since she was a child. Growing up she was surrounded by dogs, cats, and horses. She began working in animal shelters in 2010. She has been working with animals ever since! Her interest in animals led to an interest in animal behavior and training, and the rest is history! 

Julie especially loves working with boisterous dogs and very fearful dogs. Helping a boisterous dog channel their energy into something positive and helping a fearful dog come out of their shell is extremely rewarding for her.

She lives with two bully breed mixes, husband Adam, and her daughter Madeline (aka Maddie). 

Julie looks forward to helping strengthen the bonds between people and their dogs!

Makayla Williams CPDT-KA

Dog Training Instructor

Makayla’s career with animals started when she began working at a pet store. She shortly became the dog trainer and thus sparked her passion for training. Eventually, she found herself working at the SPCA of Wake County as an animal caretaker. With experience working on behavior modification and training under her belt she finds herself at Paws4ever!  She recieved her CCPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed) certification in 2022.

Makayla has three sweet fur babies at home. Phil, her Pitbull Cattle dog mix, Lucy the Labradoodle, and Sushi the cat. She currently lives in Fuquay-Varina with her Fiancé, Diego. Moving to the ‘big city’ of Fuquay was a big change from her tiny small town of Troy, NC.

Makayla is particularly interested in ‘quirky’ dogs and loves a challenge. She believes that building a strong, positive relationship with your dog is the key to success.

Brian Gibbs

Dog Training Instructor

He became interested in working with dogs after his dog Sonny passed away. Knowing the time was not right to get another dog, Brian began volunteering at Saving Grace Animals for Adoption. There he has spent many hours playing and working with a wide
variety of dogs.

Brian is very interested in learning about the canine world, how dogs interact with each other and with people. Brian is currently pursuing his CPDT-KA certification.

Heather Daniel

Dog Training Instructor

Heather has always loved having dogs in her family ever since she was a child. After a long career in Digital Marketing, she decided it was time to take a chance and pursue her passion for helping owners build a strong bond and trust with their pets. Heather started volunteering at Paws4ever in April 2022 and was thrilled to be asked to join the team shortly after. She is now working to obtain her CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed) and hopes to assist many, many families in the near future.

The biggest joy Heather gets from training is seeing the confidence a dog gains as soon as they’ve learned a new behavior. There is a moment a light bulb goes off and they truly understand what is being asked of them. She believes that when working with a dog it is a team effort and not one party demanding something from the other.

Heather lives in Mebane with her dog Hornsby, husband Phil, and 3 chickens.

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