Veterinary Assistance

As a part of our Community Pet Support Program, we are able to offer financial assistance for veterinary care to pet owners in need. Our goal is to help pets receive the veterinary care they need and prevent owners from having to give up their pets due to veterinary expenses. Keeping pets healthy and with their families is a part of our vision for world where pets and people thrive together.

This program relies on generous donations from our community, and available funds may vary. Veterinary care through this program is available with our partnered veterinarians only.

If you are in need of assistance with veterinary care, please read the following FAQs and then call us at 919.241.8438 ext. 103 to discuss your pets’ needs. 


How do I request assistance?

Call us at (919) 241-8438 and select extension 103

What kinds of vet services are included in this program?

We cover some costs for general veterinary care and emergencies, but not spay & neuter surgeries. If your pet is in need of spay or neuter, we will refer you to your county’s existing low-cost spay and neuter program. However, if you live in Person County, we may cover spay & neuter surgeries on a case-by-case basis since there is not currently a low-cost spay and neuter program in your area.

How much are you able to help financially?

The amount Paws4ever can assist each pet owner will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on each animal’s vet care needs and how much we currently have in our fund. We ask that you as the pet owner pay as much as you are able to towards your pet’s vet bill.

What are the requirements to receive assistance?
  • You must apply for financing through Care Credit as part of this process. Applying for prequalification through Care Credit will not affect your credit score.

  • We ask that you pay as much as you are able to towards your pet’s vet bill

  • If your pet is not up-to-date on rabies and/or distemper vaccinations, this will be provided as part of the appointment

  • You must use and be able to drive or find transportation to one of our veterinary clinic partners.

Do you have income restrictions for who can receive assistance through this program?

No, we want to minimize barriers to pet owners receiving support and we understand that income doesn’t necessarily correlate to financial need, especially during a temporary financial crisis. We will have a conversation with you to determine your needs and how we can best help you and your pet(s) and set you up for success in the future. However, we do ask that you only request funds if you truly need it so we can focus our efforts on pets and pet owners with the most need. We ask that you pay as much of your pet’s vet bill as you are able, so that we will have funds to help as many animals as possible. 

Do you have geographical limitations for who can receive assistance through this program?

Anyone who is able to drive or find transport to the veterinary offices that we partner with in the Triad/Triangle region can take advantage of this assistance program.

Does my pet have to be spayed / neutered to receive veterinary assistance?

No, but we highly encourage you to spay and neuter your pet for their health and prevention of pet overpopulation. We can provide you with low cost spay and neuter options in your area (call 919-241-8438 ext. 103 or email

Support This Program

If you have found this page of our website and are not currently in need of support but are in a position to help others, please consider making a donation!

Dog Training Scholarships are a part of our Community Pet Support Program. If you would like to support the program, use the link below and select My Donation Is for: Community Pet Support. You can make sure we are able to continue offering important services like Veterinary Assistance, Dog Training Scholarships and the Pet Pantry as well as expanding in the future to offer assistance with pet fees for rental housing. Your gift today will reduce crowding and unnecessary euthanasia at county shelters and keep pets and their people together!

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