Staff and Board


Administrative Staff

Whitney Zoghby

Whitney Zoghby

Executive Director
919.241.8438 ext. 101

Whitney loves to see the impact that Paws4ever has on the animals who come through our doors, the humans who love them, and the community as a whole. Before joining Paws4ever, Whitney worked in the animal health industry for 10 years and held leadership roles with an animal welfare nonprofit. She enjoys problem-solving and helping others develop. When she isn’t at work, Whitney loves spending time with her family, baking, and hiking. She has a 9 year old German Shepherd mix, Beamer, who is named after a VT football coach!
Kathy McVay

Kathy McVay

Business Manager
919.241.8438 ext. 110

Kathy enjoys using her bookkeeping skills to support the animals she loves! You’ll often find Paws4ever shelter dogs lounging next to Kathy’s desk in the Admin office. She spends her free time with her grandchildren and her two cattle dogs, Bandit and Lucy. Her dogs keep her entertained with their fun games – as soon as she throws a ball for Bandit, Lucy takes it and drops it further away for Bandit to retrieve! Kathy is famous for her beautiful flower garden and her holiday cookie baking tradition.

 Emily Albert

Emily Albert

Development and Communications Associate

Emily loves receiving photos and stories of adopted animals in their new homes, and sharing those updates with the community of supporters who made their journeys possible! When she isn’t at work writing true stories about the animals at Paws4ever, she writes and reads a lot of fiction (mostly sci-fi, fantasy, and mysteries). She also enjoys cooking, playing board games, and spending time with her family. Emily’s home is run by her three affectionate and goofy cats – Samwise, Merlin, and Ollivander.

Adoption Center919.241.8438 ext. 103

Sara Shellman

Sara Shellman

Adoption Center Manager
919.241.8438 ext. 115

Sara has more than 20 years of experience working with animals professionally. She enjoys getting to be a part of a unique rescue that is genuine and compassionate about animal welfare and supporting pet owners. She enjoys guiding animal care staff in general animal husbandry and talking with adopters about pet nutrition. When asked what she enjoys in her free time, Sara says “hiking, hiking, and more hiking!” Sara has a dog named Biggs and four cats – Gary Dartanian, Shower, Rosemary, and Linnaeus!

Kamryn Wall

Kamryn Wall

Adoption Coordinator

Kamryn loves spending time getting to know each animal and seeing their unique personalities blossom. She is currently studying Animal Care and Management Technology at Alamance Community College. When Kamryn isn’t working, she loves being outdoors, especially camping and riding four-wheelers with her family. She has a 15 year old Lab/Husky mix named Daisy who loves tagging along for outdoor activities too!

Ashley Harvell

Ashley Harvell

Animal Care Supervisor

Ashley finds her work at Paws4ever rewarding because the quality time spent getting to know an animal and providing training and enrichment all pays off when their big adoption day comes! Ashley is interested in wildlife rehab and enjoys crafting, hiking, and watching educational videos about animals in her free time. Her dog Tucker was adopted from Paws4ever! She also has a corn snake, a leopard gecko, a crested gecko, two guinea pigs, and eight fish tanks!

Jordan Ragan

Jordan Ragan

Animal Care Tech

Jordan loves welcoming and getting to know each new animal that comes through our doors. When he isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time with friends and family. He is an American history buff, and he loves all things Disney! He has a German Shepherd Husky mix named Lobo, who is a 95 lb. lap dog. 

Dog Training Program 919.241.8438 ext. 102

Susan Spinks

Susan Spinks

Dog Training Program Manager
919.241.8438 ext. 102

Susan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the CCPDT and she strongly believes that all clients and dogs should leave each class feeling great about their performance, potential, and future. She started training after adopting Chloe, a very “vibrant” dog, and hasn’t stopped since! She enjoys reading and watching TV and movies in her free time. Fun fact for movie buffs: Susan was an extra in the 80’s movie The Big Brawl!

Read more about Susan’s Dog Training experience.

Melanie Berk

Melanie Berk

Home Care Coordinator, Senior Dog Training Instructor
919.241.8438 ext. 117

Melanie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the CCPDT and has an extensive background in animal care, shelter pet behavior, adoption counseling, and coordinating foster programs. She has a Pitbull mix named Seamus, a Beagle named Shiloh, and a horse named Nick! Melanie enjoys hiking and spending time with her family.

Read more about Melanie’s Dog Training experience.

ReSale Store – 919.245.0445

Terri Shue

Terri Shue

ReSale Store Manager
919.241.8438 ext. 107

Terri has a background in animal care, and she started out at Paws4ever as an Animal Care Tech. She loves knowing that she works for an organization that has such a deep passion for animals’ well-being. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family and her dogs. She has two beagles, Jake and Piper. Jake loves coming with her to the ReSale Store, and he has his own set of fans. When customers come in, the first thing they say is “Hey Jake!”

Board of Directors

Katie Stember (President)

Associate Director, Life Science Economic Development, North Carolina Biotechnology Center
Katie Stember Photography

Kendall H. Page (Vice President)

Attorney at Law

Rob Johnson (Treasurer)

Home Mortgage Consultant, Union Home Mortgage

Carla Julian (Secretary)

Compliance Manager/HIPAA Privacy Officer, Orange County Health Department

Jaye J. Kreller (Assistant Secretary & Member at Large)

Real Estate Broker, Tony Hall & Associates

Jill Grant

Contracted Clinical/Forensic Psychologist
Retired, Federal Bureau of Prisons

Sally Schatz

Director of Development, Duke Health

Perry Dowd

Sue Sopa

Senior Executive Director for Engagement, Duke Health Alumni and Development

Jill McCullough

Photography and Digital Content Creation, FranklyJill

Eleanor Armstrong

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