Stella’s Day Out With Amy

At Paws4ever, we greatly value the quality of life for all of our adoptable pets during their stay with us. We incorporate recreational activities such as playtime with cats or outdoor activities with dogs. We want them to have a fulfilling life before and after they find their forever home! We have our volunteers and staff to thank for so much quality time they spend with our animals.

Paws4ever offers unique opportunities for our volunteers and adoptable dogs like Stella. Stella is a gorgeous Bluetick Coonhound who loves to be around people. She has a chill demeanor, but as soon as you’re ready to adventure, she’ll be there right by your side. Whether you’re ready for some outdoor playtime or just lounging around, she is your girl! 

Thanks to Amy, one of our volunteers, Stella’s Sunday morning was filled with excitement! Stella and Amy set out for a nature walk in the Ayr Mount area in Hillsborough. Stella quickly settled down in the car and was a great companion the whole time. Stella was overjoyed to explore the trail and Amy was happy to have her company. 

These activities are mutually beneficial for our animals as well as our volunteers. Our adoptable dogs get to have a fun adventure, and our volunteers get to spend time with a four-legged friend like Stella! This is a great opportunity for a dog to have a change of scenery and get some fresh air!

The look of excitement on a dog’s face when they realize they get to do something new and exciting is priceless. Immersing an animal in real-life scenarios is essential in preparing them for life after adoption. Additionally, a change of scenery is great for stimulating their minds and bodies. When volunteers spend quality time with one of our animals, they get to know their personality. The details they can provide help the Adoption Center staff ensure whoever adopts them is a good fit. 

If you are interested in adopting Stella, please call our facility at (919) 241-8438 ext. 103 or email to schedule an appointment!

We are always happy to add more volunteers to the Paws4ever community! If you would like to volunteer with us, please visit our volunteer page and fill out an application form!

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