Happy Tails

Happy Tails


We adopted Maddie almost two months ago and let me tell you: one of the best decisions of my life. Other shelters would have given up on her because of her health issues and dietary needs but thankfully Paws4ever saw how special she is from the start. Two months at home and Maddie has totally blossomed. She is extremely sassy and has no problem waking me up for breakfast by meowing in my face and/or grooming the top of my head. I call Maddie my little shadow because she often will follow me around the house when I’m working from home, just to supervise and take a nap by my feet. A huge thanks to Paws4ever for caring for her for almost a year until we brought her home! She is truly a blessing.


We adopted Kobe (the Paws4ever artist formerly known as “Peter”) nearly two months ago. Our lovely chihuahua-yorkie mix is a beautiful blessing that brings loads of joy and tons of love every waking moment. He quickly burrowed his way deep into our hearts—and he’s there to stay. Kobe is by far the most loving, affectionate, cuddle-bug we have ever had the wonderful blessing of loving.  Paws4ever provides exceptional care and genuine love for each and every “resident” guest. A huge shout out to all the staff and volunteers at Paws. Y’all rock. Thank you for everything.

Skittles and Snickers

We adopted two kittens two summers ago, they were part of a litter born into the Paws4ever shelter. We were looking for one fluffy cat (Snickers) and came home with both adorable little tiny kittens. They are now HUGE and grown-up, with both having very distinct personalities that differ greatly from each other. However, the two of them have been inseparable since we brought them home. They struggled at first with our Yorkies, but now everyone gets along! We are so happy with the decision to take both of them into our home, and we love them so much! Thank you Paws4ever!


My girlfriend adopted Rhubarb for me for Valentine’s day – easily the best gift ever! I fell in love with her online and could not have been more surprised when I got a Facetime call to tell me she was now mine! I cannot imagine this time of quarantine without this sweet girl– she’s loving, goofy, and loves a warm patch of sun to curl up in (or to bird watch!). I’m so grateful for my new best friend, and that I get to be her forever home.


My wife Sarah and I adopted Blueberry about a year and a half ago. I was not a dog person but my wife insisted. Now I can’t IMAGINE not having this pup in our lives. I am forever now a dog person- I love them all but especially Blueberry. Blueberry was a shy pup who wiggled her way into our lives and has made them fuller and more full of love in every way. She is sweet, hilarious, loves her plushies and will do just about anything for a treat. We are so thankful for the care Paws4Ever gave her before us, and for allowing us to adopt our perfect little dog-hter.


We met Luey at Paws4Ever in February 2020. We didn’t know we were going to meet him, since he had just arrived that same day and was not up on the website there. We were there to add a new member to our family after having to say goodbye to our older and beloved cat, Dixon. Luey had very big paws to fill, but he won us over immediately with his loud purr, his sweet, adorable, fun personality, and his handsomeness. He has been a perfect fit to our family and gets along well with his older sister, Belle. We couldn’t love him more and are so happy that we picked that day to go to Paws4Ever. It was clearly meant to be.


“Ash was adopted last fall, and he loves his new home and family! He “helps out” in their office (we’re told he’s especially fond of keeping the keyboard warm) and he gets lots of tasty treats!”


“Atreyu, (previously Frank), has the most amazing personality and he is just loved to bits. He’s smart, sweet, loving, playful… he’s just plain awesome and I can’t imagine life without him. He does hilarious stuff that makes us laugh every day. He is a huge goofy purr-monster who loves head-butts, belly rubs and still remembers high-fives. Thanks so much for giving him so much love before we got to meet him—it really shows in his sweet and loving personality.”


“Nora is such a good girl. She’s still a little shy, but she’s come out of her shell and made lots of new doggy and human friends. My only fear is that I’m going to spoil her rotten! Thanks to all of you for introducing me to my best friend.”


“Ghost has found his forever family! He gets to live on a farm and travel often with his humans.”


“Moose is a big cuddle bug and sleeps with us every night. Had his first bath and nail trim last week and the lady said he was so sweet and full of kisses. We definitely love our Moose and thank y’all for what you do on a daily basis.”

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