Dog Training FAQ

How do I know if my dog will be appropriate for a group class?

Is your dog quite shy, nervous, anxious? Does your dog seem to be very vocal and over-the-top excited?  Is your dog difficult to control safely? Does your dog growl, nip, or even bite? If you would answer yes to any of these questions, we recommend our private lesson with behavior assessment option to start with. This will help us either ensure successful placement into a future group class or recommend that you achieve your training goals by continuing with our private manners lesson program. Instructors may remove unpredictable, uncontrollable, and dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviors from a group class for the safety and comfort of all attendees.

How do I know which group class is the best choice for my dog?

Please read our class descriptions and prerequisites carefully prior to completing your registration to ensure you have selected the most appropriate class or lesson option, and that you have met all prerequisites. Check your calendar to make sure you can attend every session. If you need help selecting the right class or lesson option for your dog, we can help! Contact

How many dogs are in your group classes?

It varies by class.  Our puppy social class may enroll up to 8 pups to enrich every pup’s social experiences. Family Dog classes typically have 4-6 students enrolled to ensure personalized attention, and activity class and workshop sizes are determined by the activity itself.

Is there a deadline for registration?

Yes, plan on completing your registration a minimum of 7 days prior to your preferred class start date. Enroll as early as possible to avoid disappointment, as class seats are filled in the order of registrations received.

What vaccinations are required to attend?

Rabies vaccination is required for all dogs age 4 months old or older. Combo vaccination and boosters which include distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis (adenovirus) and arainfluenza, or proof of titer is required.

Puppy class may be started after the first combo vaccine series is given, and must be maintained per veterinarian recommended schedule. Fecal/Giardia/Parasite Negative test result required for puppy class only.

Have your dog’s required vaccination records ready to upload during your registration. Your name, your pet’s name, your veterinarian’s name and practice name, and the dates of vaccination and booster due dates must be clearly legible. Incomplete vaccination information may delay your final registration confirmation.

Where are your private lessons and group classes held?

Classes and lessons are held at our Paws4ever campus in our climate controlled and fully matted Learning Center classrooms. Occasionally, classes and workshops are held outdoors as indicated in our class descriptions.

Our family would like to attend. Is this possible?

Yes, we encourage families to attend together and participate as recommended by your instructor. We recommend that one person is designated the primary handler that attends every class in case all family members are not be able to attend every class.

Can our children attend and participate in class?

Yes, our family-friendly program encourages interested children to attend with active adult supervision. Children under age 7 should be accompanied by an additional adult that is not handling and teaching the dog.

How long is each Family Dog class, and is class held every week?

Plan on attending for one hour, and group classes meet at the same time each week consecutively for the number of weeks starting with the start date posted on the schedule. Please read our class descriptions and prerequisites carefully and check your calendar prior to registering for your class.

When can we start Puppy Social Manners class?

You may start attending as soon your registration is confirmed and veterinary information has been verified. Complete your registration a minimum of 7 days prior to the next meeting date of the puppy class to reserve your space in class.

How long is each Puppy Social class?

Puppies tire rapidly when playing with their new friends, so we typically meet for about 50 minutes.

What if we can’t attend class every week?

Please check your calendar prior to selecting and registering for your class. We want you and your dog to succeed in reaching your training goals, and we encourage you to honor your commitment to your class by attending every scheduled time. We understand that unexpected events may interfere with your plans, so you may either catch up during the brief review period that begins each class session, or you may opt to register for a private lesson to fill in any gaps. Please note there will be no refunds or transfer options for any portion of a class that is missed due to personal schedule conflicts. We encourage you to speak with your instructor for specific recommendations.

What is your refund policy?

A full refund, transfer, or credit is given if Paws4ever cancels a class. A full refund minus a $25 processing fee will be offered if registration is cancelled by the student before the first day of group class or lesson. A prorated refund minus a $25 processing fee will be offered if refund is requested prior to the second session of a group class. Refunds will not be issued if the request for refund is made after 2nd meeting of group class or after a private lesson unless extenuating circumstances apply. All requests for a refund must be made in writing and emailed to

Do you offer a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class or certify therapy and support dogs?

Our private manners lessons and Family Dog Manners series provide the solid foundation that can help to prepare you and your dog for the requirements of the CGC test and beyond, and many of our Family Dog series graduates have successfully completed the CGC test. We do not currently administer the CGC test at Paws4ever. We do not offer therapy dog certifications since recognized therapy and support service organizations each have specific requirements which are aligned with current ADA laws.

Do you have breed restrictions?

We do not have dog breed restrictions, but dogs must be 100% domestic dog without any hybrid percentage of wild canid.

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