Paws4ever is committed to supporting you and your dog throughout your relationship together. Our professional dog training instructors use positive and proven-effective methods to help you and your dog achieve your training goals.

We offer a variety of fun and accessible private lessons, group classes, and workshops for every age and level. 

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We are offering in-person classes, with social distancing, mask use, and as much fresh air flow as possible. We will be updating classroom rules as we follow guidelines from health professionals and the state to determine the safest course of action for our dog training classes. 

See the group class page for safety protocols for in-person classes.

We are also currently offering private consultations in-person and virtually by phone and video.

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“Keeva is an amazingly wonderful sweetie and thank you every day for helping me feel more confident with her. Your reassurance made all the difference for our future together. We went from being a family thinking we had made a mistake, to a family who can’t imagine thinking about giving her up!  She gets so much love from all of us (and gives it back) and relishes every second.

Thank you so much Susan!  You’re the best!”


“I received help for my dog Ivy from one of your dog trainers, Melanie. Ivy was rescued from the county shelter.  She was a super reactive dog who I couldn’t control.  I didn’t know how I could keep her…but I couldn’t send her back either.

I tried 2 other trainers before I came to Paws4ever.  Neither were very patient with Ivy and wondered why I adopted her. My first meeting with Melanie was like a therapy session for me.  Someone would help me!

I attended individualized training sessions and then took each of the classes offered there (twice each). The patience I received with Ivy at Paws4ever was a lifeline for me.  Ivy continues to be very energetic but we work continually on it.  The cats, birds and squirrels are quite a challenge, but its going to be ok.

Thanking Paws4ever for the work that you do. “


“We are so glad we enrolled our puppy CJ in Paws4ever’s Puppy Day Camp Program. While it was nice to have some quiet time for uninterrupted Zoom meetings and remote work, we were most grateful for the highly caring, expert, and personalized attention and skills training our puppy CJ received during camp. She solidified some skills (like recall and “leave it”) much more quickly than she would have with home training alone. Additionally, we were thrilled with her opportunities for socialization with other pups and humans, especially during Covid-19. One additional highlight from Puppy Day Camp was receiving the weekly emails from Cecelia – they were packed with detailed information about what CJ had learned and worked on during the previous week, as well as information about how to continue her learning in our home environment. As a bonus, the emails also included super cute videos of CJ during day camp! We would highly recommend Paws4ever Puppy Day Camp to anyone who is caring for a new fur creature!”


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