Legacy Care

Legacy Care at Paws4ever provides a loving home for dogs and cats when their owners are no longer able to provide care. Pets will live in the Legacy Care Residence or in a foster caregiver’s own home until their forever family can be found. They’ll receive nutrition, exercise, affection and veterinary care while living in a home with a caregiver who loves them.

Through this program, we offer two solutions designed to accommodate the needs of pet owners.

Legacy Care FAQs

What is Legacy Care?

Through Legacy Care, pet owners may guarantee care for their pets when they can no longer provide it themselves. Legacy Care is a planned enrollment care option offered through Paws4ever.

Do I need to apply to Legacy Care or can I simply include Paws4ever in my Will?

You must submit an application for every pet to be considered for the Legacy Care program. By enrolling in the program in advance, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pets are guaranteed care when needed, and by enrolling now you’ll lock in the admission fee, which may otherwise increase over time.

What if I need someone to care for my pet immediately?

Paws4ever offers several options for individuals who can no longer provide care for their pet or the pet of a loved one. Please speak with our Animal Care team to learn more.

How much does Legacy Care cost?

An enrollment fee of $1,000 per pet is due upon acceptance into the program. A minimum admission fee of $15,000 per pet is due when Paws4ever takes over the care of the pet. These funds may be provided by a provision included in your Will or Trust or by designating a life insurance policy or certificate of deposit to Paws4ever. Discounts are available for pets adopted from Paws4ever and admission fees paid at the time of enrollment. Fees are subject to increase over time.

What if I’ve included a provision in my Will for Legacy Care but I become incapacitated and need care for my pet before I pass away?

We recommend that you grant authority to your Power of Attorney to admit your pet on your behalf if you become incapacitated. Sample language is included in the Enrollment Packet.

If the admission fee increases after I enroll, will I be expected to pay the increased amount?

No. The admission fee specified at the time of enrollment is the amount due upon admittance. By joining now, you lock in the current admission rate.

If my pet dies, can I transfer the admission fee to another pet? Will I be required to pay another enrollment fee?

The enrollment fee and admission fee (either pre-paid or the established amount at the time of enrollment) for a deceased pet can be used towards a new pet. Each pet must have an application and be accepted into the program individually.

What is the Legacy Care standard of care?

We ensure quality in these six primary areas: food, affection, prompt attention and quality care regarding all medical concerns, mental stimulation, health and safe environment, and physical exercise.

Where will my pet live once admitted into Legacy Care?

Your pet will live in a foster caregiver’s home or in our Legacy Care Residence located on the beautiful 50-acre Paws4ever sanctuary until they are matched with a forever home. At no time will your pet be in an animal shelter environment.

How will an adoptive family be selected for my pet?

Through a thorough application and adoption process, we will select an adopter who isn’t simply a good pet owner but one who is an excellent match for the needs of your pet.

Can I consider Legacy Care as a backup option to my selected caregiver?

Yes. We will help you incorporate language into your Will that transfers ownership of your pet to Paws4ever if your identified caregiver is unable or unwilling to provide for your pet’s care at the time of your death.

Does Legacy Care accept animals other than dogs or cats?

No. Legacy Care only accepts dogs and cats at this time.

I’m interested in joining the Legacy Care program. How do I learn more?

To speak with someone about Legacy Care, please contact us at legacy@paws4ever.org or 919-241-8438 x117.

What makes Legacy Care different from the Paws4ever Adoption Center?

Legacy Care is a planned enrollment program – allowing you to make plans for your pets far in advance of when you may need them. In addition, Legacy Care animals always live in a home-like environment, either in our Legacy Care Residence or in a foster caregivers home. At no time will Legacy Care animals live in our Adoption Center, which is a shelter environment.

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