Valentine’s Day Tips for Pet Owners

We know you’re busy making your dinner reservations and picking out your rom-coms on Netflix, but have you made plans to keep your four-legged Valentine safe during the festivities? We’ve put together a few tips to help you get ready for the big day while keeping your pets happy and healthy!

1. Keep sweets away from pets

The quickest way to your heart may be through chocolates, but it can also be the quickest way to an emergency vet visit! The stimulants and fat content in chocolate can cause very serious medical complications for your cat or dog. Many candies also contain xylitol, a sweetener that can cause hypoglycemia in pets. Make sure to put your candy in a place your pets can’t access.

Bonus: if you find a really good hiding spot, no one else in your house can steal your candy either!

2. Make a toast (to your pet’s safety)

Having a glass of wine or champagne with your sweetheart? Don’t leave your glass unattended with any alcohol. If you have a spill, keep your pets from “helping” you clean it up!  Your pet could suffer severe reactions to even a small amount of alcohol.

3. Love burns eternal (but your candles shouldn’t)

If you’re planning a romantic candlelit dinner at home, be sure to monitor the candles closely! Candles present a number of dangers for pets. A curious animal might get a paw or nose too close and burn themselves. One classic cat “gravity check” or even a little tug on your tablecloth could start a serious fire. Stay close to your candles and blow them out when you’re done.

4. The power of flowers

A floral bouquet can be a great way to tell someone special that you love them – but flowers can spell disaster for your pets! Many pets are curious and inclined to chew on plants, and many flowers and houseplants are toxic to cats and dogs. You can find a list of toxic and non-toxic plants here.  Be sure to pick out a non-toxic arrangement and keep your vase out of reach.

If your home isn’t safe for flowers, consider giving your partner flowers to put on their desk at work.

5. Gift ideas for your pet-loving sweetheart

Does your Valentine love pets? Skip the generic heart-shaped trinkets and opt for a special pet-themed gift! If your sweetheart has a pup, pay for them to take like a dog training class at Paws4ever! Does your Valentine have a heart for animals in need? Make a donation in their honor to save pets in need.

Need more ideas? Browse the Paws4ever ReSale Store for jewelry, gifts, pet supplies, and Paws4ever swag – proceeds support pets in need.

6. Thinking of gifting a new pet?

Puppies and kittens are adorable (obviously) and can bring so much joy and love into someone’s life. However, getting a pet is also a serious commitment – one that should be undertaken purposefully. Before gifting a pet, it is best to talk about it and make sure the other person wants a pet and is prepared for the time and cost of caring for an animal.

Better yet – take your Valentine on a special date to Paws4ever and pick out your new pet together!





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