Dog Training Program at Paws4ever

Need help with your family dog?
Want to create and maintain a mutually rewarding and trusting relationship with your dog?
Want to enjoy teaching your dog manners and fun activities together?

We offer effective and family friendly training to meet your goals!

All training is presented using force-free, positive and powerfully effective techniques, and classes are taught by knowledgeable and helpful instructors.

Private lessons available with our certified staff training instructors.
Group classes offered with new classes starting with minimal wait times.

Preregistration is required:

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Class Descriptions

  • Puppy Manners and Socialization

    PUPPY MANNERS & SOCIALIZATION for Puppies 8-12 weeks old at 1st class

    We’ll show you how to transform naughty but normal puppy behaviors into more appropriate manners. Your pup will have the opportunity to learn appropriate play and social behaviors using safe and guided interactions that are fun and educational. Topics covered include: managing potty training, chewing, jumping, barking, nipping, preparing for vet exams and grooming, play group safety, puppy mini tricks, basic puppy manners, and becoming best “forever” buddies. This class is the perfect preparation for your Family Dog classes!
    Pre-requisites: Proof of vaccination required before you receive enrollment confirmation. Pups may start as early as 8 weeks old, and we recommend you enroll your pup at no older than 12 weeks old to ensure receiving the full value of this class. Age limit for attendance in this class is 16 weeks old. This age limit ensures a safer play group for your puppy.
    Rolling Admission: Held every Tuesday, starting August 8th at 6:30 pm for about one hour, this class accepts new pups weekly (space permitting), so no more waiting for the next term of classes!

  • Family Dog Part 1

    FAMILY DOG PART 1 for dogs over 17 weeks old

    You will learn how to teach your dog the essential skills that are the foundation of polite manners. Sit, lie down, relax, stand for the vet or groomer, stop and wait, stay, leave it alone, come to me, walk nice, and prompt responses to your requests will be introduced in this first part of our Family Dog class program.
    Pre-requisites: Your dog must be accepting of strangers and other dogs to attend this class. If your dog is over-the-top excited, barks excessively, lunges towards other dogs, or is extremely anxious or nervous, we offer extra help for you and your dog with private lessons and prep class options to prepare for this more challenging group classroom. Please email us directly at to arrange a complimentary phone placement consult. Proof of vaccination required.

  • Family Dog Part 2


    This class continues to build on the foundation skills learned in Part 1, with tips on how to improve reliable responses and practice for real life situations. This class will also introduce a majority of the basic skills required in the Canine Good Citizen program. You and your dog will also have a chance to sample our most popular fun activities, such as tricks and obstacle courses.
    Pre-requisites: Successful completion of Family Dog Part 1.


Private Lessons

Rates: $65 per hour

Dog Park and Nature Trail

General Information

Dog Park
The Paws4ever Dog Park is a fenced three-acre off-leash socialization and play area for your dog. The park is located on the grounds of the Felicite Latane Animal Sanctuary and is open 365 days a year from 8 a.m. until dusk. Dog Park memberships are available for an annual fee of $50 for one dog and $20 for each additional dog.

For those interested in Dog Park membership, we strongly recommend attending at least one obedience class before joining the park. All dog owners must participate in a Dog Park orientation, which includes a video on Dog Park etiquette. Each dog must be at least four months old and is also interviewed for basic social conduct.

Remember it is your responsibility to control your dog off-leash. Having your dog spayed or neutered is strongly recommended and no female dogs in heat are permitted in the dog park. Documentation of DHLPP vaccinations, rabies and Bordetella must be provided upon application for membership

Nature Trail
The Paws4ever Nature Trail is now open! The 2 mile primitive trail is a beautiful route through the woods and includes access and views of Toms Creek. Nature Trail memberships are available for an annual fee of $20 for one dog and $5 for each additional dog. Dog Park members may add access to the Nature Trail for an additional $5 per year.

All dogs must be on leash while on the Nature Trail.

Join Today
To schedule an orientation and interview for you and your dog please contact the Paws4ever dog training manager, Julie Jenkins at (919) 241-8438 ext. 102 or

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