Enrichment for Dogs

What is Pet Enrichment?

Enrichment means keeping your pet’s mind active and engaging all of their senses in exploring their environment. This includes scent games, food puzzles, and other challenges that can keep pets curious and active.

Why is Pet Enrichment Important?

Just like people, pets can become bored or anxious when they aren’t mentally stimulated in their environment. Enrichment activities help to promote healthy minds and bodies!

Enrichment Ideas for Dogs

• Fun Boxes: Fill a cardboard box with crinkled paper, toilet paper tubes, egg cartons, and other obstacles. Then, hide treats or pieces of food in the box for your dog to tear into and find.

• Frozen Treats: Fill a Kong with Peanut Butter, then freeze it!

• Muffin Tin Game: hide treats in a few cups of a muffin tin, then place a tennis ball over every cup and let your
dog sniff out which ones have treats.

• Slow Feeders and Food Puzzles: mix it up and feed your dog out of different food puzzles and slow feeders.

• Play soft, soothing music for your dog, especially while they are in a crate

• Training can address dog manners, but it is also a perfect way to keep your dog’s mind active! Training classes at Paws4ever are positive, fun, and provide a great opportunity for you to spend time with your dog. See our current class list and enroll today!


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