Cat Enrichment at Paws4ever

In 2018, we were thrilled to participate in Cat Pawsitive Pro, an initiative of The Jackson Galaxy Project through This program was designed by feline behavioral experts and uses clicker training methods to improve feline social skills, enrich the day-to-day life of shelter cats, and promote the cat-human bond.

Cats who are exposed to the reward-based training methods of Cat Pawsitive Pro gain confidence, experience reduced stress levels, and build connections with staff, volunteers and potential adopters. Paws4ever continues to use the techniques taught in Cat Pawsitive Pro to improve the lives of the cats in our care.

Though she is very sweet, Skeeter waited a long time to be adopted. She was often shy when meeting new people. Cat Pawsitive Pro built her confidence and got her stepping through hoops and giving high fives! Her new confidence helped her meet her new family!

In addition to the techniques of Cat Pawsitive Pro, our cats stay active and social by living together in community cat rooms with space to play, climb, bird-watch through the windows, and curl up for cozy naps!


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