Cat Toy Guide

One of the best things about pet ownership is watching your furry friend’s face light up when you give them a brand new toy! If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the never ending toy options at the pet store, you’re not alone! However, choosing the right type of toy isn’t as difficult as you think. Whether you are a new pet owner or have had pets all your life, purchasing the right toys for your four-legged friends can keep them safe and guarantee they are getting the most out of playtime. Also, learn about enrichment activities and why they are important in keeping your pet’s mind active!

Even if cats do spend most of their day napping, having playtime when they’re awake keeps them mentally and physically healthy. Make time for 1-2 play sessions between 10 and 20 minutes every day. Learn about the various types of toys and the best way to play with your cat below! 

Mimic Prey: 

Your cat may not be hunting in the wild for their next meal (although a small creature may turn up on your doorstep from time to time), but they still have their hunting instinct. Because of this instinct, your feline’s toys should mimic that of real prey so they get the sensation of hunting. Look for toys that are made with natural materials such as feathers, wool, or synthetic fur. It is best to avoid toys with glued on pieces so your cat doesn’t end up swallowing anything from their toy. 


Interactive toys are the best way to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts. These toys mimic the natural movements of a cat’s prey, so they will be sure to love this type of toy. Wand toys with toy mice trailing at the end are excellent interactive toys that your cat will stalk and pounce on. Alternate the wand’s motion from fast to slow to imitate wildlife prey. Your cat will be completely fixated on catching their next prey!

Enrichment For Your Cat

Combining enrichment activities with playtime is recommended to keep your pet’s mind sharp! It’s a great way to engage all of their senses and give them something fun to look forward to.

If you want your cat to exercise their brain, enrichment activities are a must! Puzzle toys are popular enrichment activities for cats. Let your cat retrieve the toys from the various flaps and openings. They may be confused at first, but the beauty of the exercise is that they learn by trial and error! Cat puzzles are popular among those who are gone during the day and want to keep kitty occupied on their own. You can also fill a cardboard box with shredded paper, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, etc., and hide treats inside. Watch your cat sniff through the obstacles to get to the treats!

Cats love to explore odd places, so even something as simple as a cardboard box can make their day. You can also cut out the bottom of a large brown bag and lay it sideways to create a kitty tunnel. Blowing bubbles is another activity that will be sure to captivate your cat’s attention and stimulate their minds. They can watch them float and even pop them if they feel adventurous! Making sure your cat has a spot to look out the window and watch the birds is perfect for keeping boredom at bay. A cat water fountain is a great way to add some interest to your cat’s life, and it will also promote drinking and keep them hydrated! 

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