Adoption Fees

Adoption fees help to offset some of the cost of running our Adoption Center and providing quality care for our animals.

Fall Fur Me!

All adoption fees will be waived in October 2020, thanks to a grant from the ASPCA and Subaru Loves Pets!

Our standard rates are listed below but adoption fees may vary based on the animal’s age, medical condition, length of time at the shelter, or for other reasons. Adoption fees may also be reduced during certain events and promotions, or individual animals’ adoption fees may be discounted or waived by Adoption Angel donors. Check each animal’s profile for their fee.

Adult Dog Adoption Fees (7 months and older): $180
Puppy Adoption Fees (6 months and younger): $200
Adult Cat Adoption Fees (7 months and older): $120
Kitten Adoption Fees (6 months and younger): $150

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