Adoption: Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in the adoption process?
How old do I need to be to adopt?

All applicants must be at least 18 years old to adopt from Paws4ever.

What if there are certain things I do/don’t want in a new pet?

Tell us! Our Animal Care team can help match you with a pet that will fit your lifestyle.

When can I take my new pet home?

It depends on the needs of the animal. Some adoptions can happen on the same day an application is submitted, if the animal is already spayed/neutered, medically cleared to go home, and there are no other animals in the home. Most adoptions take 1-3 days, to give our staff time to process the application and complete a rabies check with your vet if you have another animal. You must schedule a Meet & Greet if you are adopting a dog and you already have a dog at home. In some cases, animals may need to stay a bit longer for medical clearance.

What gear do I need to take home my new pet?

All dogs must leave on a harness/collar (NO prong, choke, pinch, shock, or e-collars), and a non-retractable leash. All cats must leave in a carrier.

Don’t have a harness, collar, leash or carrier? Check with our Animal Care team and buy one from us. All proceeds support Paws4ever!

What if I see a pet online that I want to adopt?

Come visit us! An application is not considered active until you are able to visit with the pet you are interested in because we believe matches are best made in person.

What if a pet I like already has a pending adoption?

You are welcome to submit an application and we will contact you if a prior application falls through. We will accept up to 3 applications per animal.

Does Paws4ever offer any follow-up support?

Yes! Paws4ever makes a lifetime commitment to our animals – and that means we provide post-adoption support. We can help with challenges adjusting to your home and troubleshoot common issues. We can also connect you with our certified professional dog trainers!

Do you require Meet & Greets?

If you are adopting a dog and you already have a dog at home, you must schedule a Meet & Greet interaction so that we can ensure the compatibility of the animals.

Meet & Greets are scheduled after your application has been approved and a vet check has been completed. Please do not bring your dog with you when visiting our animals for the first time.

Does Paws4ever require references or home visits?

For adopters who already have pets, we do a vet reference check to ensure all animals are up to date on rabies vaccinations (legally required by the state of NC). We do not typically complete landlord references or home visits but reserve the right to complete these based on animal need.

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