Pickle4Paws: Pickleball Tournament

Pickle4Paws Pickleball Tournament

Ephesus Park Courts, 1501 Ephesus Church Rd, Chapel Hill, NC

October 26th
Rain date: October 27th

Play will start at 8AM and we expect to finish by 6PM.



Registration is on Pickleball Den, which can be accessed as a website or an app. You will need to create an account to register. The entry fee is $35 plus $10 for each event you play. Proceeds go to Paws4ever to save pets.


This is a fun, social event with Mens, Womens, and Mixed team tournaments in Novice (2.0-3.0) and Intermediate (3.01-4.0) levels, as well as a social mixer tournament for all levels. Not sure what about your level? Contact tournament organizer Jennifer Johnson via Pickleball Den.

The format will be Round Robin Pool Play (1 Game to 15 Win by 1) , and then Single Elimination (1 Game to 15 Win by 1) for all events, except the Social Mixer Fun Event. The Social Mixer will be a fun up and down the river, games to 11 (timed) with partners moving up the courts and splitting if they win and down the courts and splitting if they are not the winners.

Snacks and water will be provided for players.

Schedule of play:

Men’s and Women’s Intermediate: 8AM
Men’s and Women’s Novice: 10:30AM
Mixed Novice & Intermediate: 1:00PM
Social Mixer: 3:30PM


The Cause:

Event registration fees support Paws4ever, a nonprofit that supports pets and pet owners through rescue and adoption, dog training, pet care education and more. Paws4ever will be at the event with adoptable dogs!


Consider making a donation beyond your registration fees using the donation form below. Pickle4Paws 2023 raised $7,000. Can we beat that this year? Join us in saving cats and dogs in need!

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