Adult Dog Manners 

The skills you learn in the Adult Dog Manners classes will help you and your dog to build a trusting relationship, communicate effectively, and replace unwanted behaviors with polite manners to promote a happy and calm home for you and your best friend! 

Adult Dog Manners Class

This course introduces the essentials for teaching your dog basic good manners, which will replace unwanted behaviors such as jumping, pulling, and running away. This class establishes the foundation for more advanced skills. If your dog is 18 months or older, and ready for their first group class at Paws4ever, this is the place to begin!

Prerequisite: Proof of required vaccinations
Prerequisite: Your dog must be friendly to humans and unfamiliar dogs

Duration: 6 Weeks – Week 1 is orientation so please leave your pup at home. Weeks 2 to 6 will be with dogs and handlers.
Class Length: 55 minutes
Class Size: Up to 6
Tuition: $130

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