Save pets like Journey!

Dear Friend,

Because you are a champion for animals in need, I am reaching out today with an urgent request for support. Will you make a gift today and be a lifeline for pets and their families in the midst of crisis? 

Your gift today will be matched to have an even larger impact. Your support is effective, powerful, and more important than ever right now. 

Your gift is crucial as we navigate the journey of serving pets and our community during a pandemic. We must be ready to act as soon as a pet needs help. By making a gift today, you’ll set in motion a comprehensive and life-changing system of support for a pet in their time of desperate need.

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To express just how important timing is in this journey, I want to tell you the story of how you saved a very special dog named Journey.

Journey was by herself. In early April, she was wandering the streets. In addition to being homeless, she was suffering from a painful case of mange. When she was found, she had almost no hair. Her skin was bright pink and severely inflamed.

Notice that I said she was by herself instead of saying she was aloneThough she didn’t know it yet, Journey was never alone. Though you didn’t know it yet, you were already there for her.

Before any of us had even heard of Journey, your gifts were already working to save her life. When the county shelter called to ask if we could rescue her, we were ready to respond because we had the strength of your support.

Thanks to gifts like the one I hope you’ll make today, Journey came to Paws4ever and immediately got veterinary attention. Now, she has the care she needs to heal, a safe space to rest and play, reliable meals, and loving attention for as long as it takes to find her forever home. Because your gift was there when she needed it, Journey’s life is forever changed.

Can I count on your gift to save the next pet in urgent need?

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Some of the upcoming needs will be familiar: litters of kittens will need to be bottle-fed, pets will be at risk of euthanasia due to overcrowding at county shelters, adopters will need pet care education, victims of pet abuse and neglect will need love and patience as they learn to trust humans again. Other needs will be brand new. Because we don’t yet know all the ways this pandemic will affect pet families, we need your help to face new challenges.

Please make a gift today. You have an incredible power to bring hope to pets and pet families in their time of need.

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Your support completely turned Journey’s life around. She is getting healthier every day and her fur has grown back. Instead of fending for herself on the streets, she spends her days snoozing on a soft bed, fetching tennis balls, and eating tasty treats.

If I hadn’t told you, would you even know these were pictures of the same dog?


Right this moment, there is a vulnerable pet like Journey waiting for you to spring into action and send their fate in a new direction. I can’t wait to tell you the story of how you saved their life with your generous gift. You will be the reason they’re never truly alone.

There is no time to wait. If you are able, please send your gift today.

With Gratitude,

Kathryn Ruggeri
Executive Director

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