Please Say Yes.

Dakota arrived at a county shelter with a leash wound tightly around her neck. She was very shy, and she tested positive for heartworm, a life-threatening disease. The county shelter turned to Paws4ever because they know your support provides a lifeline for pets with special needs.

Heartworm treatment would cost $600, in addition to the $1,500 that it typically costs to care for each of our animals. Without treatment, she would be hard to adopt and her condition would worsen. She could die without help.

If you received the call to rescue Dakota, what would you say?

We were able to say YES to Dakota – eventually. Because of limited funding, we had to wait two weeks to rescue her while we finished treating and finding homes for other special-needs animals.

As excited as we were to load Dakota in our van to start her new life at Paws4ever, we knew that driving away from the shelter meant we were leaving other pets behind. Dakota wasn’t the only pet with heartworm and special needs that day, but we couldn’t afford to take them all.

We always want to say YES — but the painful truth is that we don’t always have the resources. That is why I am asking you to make a gift today. Will you make sure I can say YES next time the phone rings?

This very second, cats and dogs like Dakota are running out of time. Some need medical treatment, others need training to be a family pet, patience as they learn to trust humans, or time to find the right home. With your support, we can save their lives and give them exactly what they need to thrive.

Your gift can determine whether an animal like Dakota lives and gets the care they need. I know I can count on you to make it a YES! Please, make your gift now.

Thank you for saving a life today,

Kathryn Ruggeri
Executive Director

P.S. Right now, pets like Dakota are waiting to be rescued, and every dollar counts. Will you give your gift today and save a life?

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