Overcoming Vet Visit Struggles: Zeta’s Success Story!

Like many dogs, Zeta doesn’t like going to the vet. Can you blame her? It’s a new place with new people who will put her on a scale and stick her with needles and look at her ears. Zeta’s owner, Christy,  knew that they had a vet visit coming up, and with COVID restrictions, she wouldn’t even be able to accompany Zeta inside. She needed help preparing for the visit, so she asked Paws4ever Dog Trainer, Susan Spinks for advice!

Susan and Christy worked together to come up with a plan to get Zeta prepared for her big vet visit. Here is what Christy has to say:

“For the past week,  I have been taking Zeta by our vet’s office after they have closed.

First couple of evenings she was shaking so bad we just sat on a curb by my car until she stopped.

Then we walked the parking lot, and she would pull trying to get back to the car. We progressed to her getting out of the car without shaking and walking near the door.

Then the last two nights I was able to her to walk to the door without any hesitation by telling her to ‘go to to the door!’

Today was her appointment and I asked if I could please walk her to the door and they said yes. She did great getting out of the car and walking to the door. Getting her to step inside the door was a little challenge, but they said she does great once inside (getting on the scale and having her nails clipped).

Afterwards they let me meet Zeta at the door and she came out calmly and walked calmly to the car! NO PULLING! I was so proud of her. Thank you for all your help and suggestions!”

The next time you have a vet visit looming, try taking several practice visits to the parking lot after hours and work your way up to a “dress rehearsal” of that walk to the door.

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