New Cat Towers!

Thanks to the generosity of a donor, Paws4ever received funding to make updates to the Community Cat Rooms in the Adoption Center! The updates include brand new Crijo cat towers.  The new cat towers are designed specifically for shelters. They are easy to clean, durable, and offer the comfort and enrichment that cats need. Cats can climb, jump, nap, observe, scratch, and stretch. They can choose to hang out together, or find their own private perch.

Having ample vertical space is crucial to feline well-being, especially in community rooms. Vertical spaces allow cats to survey their surroundings from a comfortable distance. Having layers of perches decreases stress over territory because it increases the “real estate” in the room. Climbing up and down the towers also keeps kitties active and exercising!

When you visit Cat Room 3, you’ll probably find CeCe and Dollar curled up together in the top perch bed! In Cat Room 1, look all the way to the top and you’ll see O’Malley the Maine Coon.

Stay tuned for more Community Cat Room makeover updates!

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