Make A Dog’s Day

How do you make your dog’s day?

In October, Subaru of America and Hendrick Subaru Southpoint supported Paws4ever through the Subaru Loves Pets initiative. They are donating $100 to Paws4ever for each of the 24 pets that were adopted during the month.

On Oct. 22nd, they challenged everyone to participate in Make A Dog’s Day, a special opportunity to do something extra for the pups in your lives. We celebrated Make A Dog’s Day with some special enrichment treats for the dogs at Paws4ever.

You can find these enrichment treat ideas and many more in our Enrichment Treats Cookbook!

We made Allie’s day with this frozen Licki Bowl recipe! You can make one for your dog by spreading peanut butter, pumpkin, and bits of pupperoni or treats around a bowl and freeze it!

We made Miley’s day with a simple treat you can try at home: spread peanut butter on a nylabone and freeze it for a tasty snack that is entertaining to eat.

Thank you to Hendrick Subaru Southpoint for supporting Paws4ever through Subaru Loves Pets!

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