Huckleberry & Lucas Rescued from Dog Meat Farm

One of the priorities of the Humane Society of the United States/ Humane Society International includes working to end the dog meat trade by closing down farms and helping farmers in their transition to more humane livelihoods. A few months ago, the HSUS/HSI transported over 170 dog meat trade survivors from South Korea to the United States.

The rescued dogs need time, patience, and practice as they learn to trust people and get accustomed to being pets. The Humane Society of the United States reached out to their network of shelter and rescue partners, and Paws4ever was asked to take two of the dogs into our care. 

On July 14th, we welcomed Huckleberry and Lucas into our Adoption Center! They are doing well and slowly adjusting to interacting with staff and volunteers.

Both dogs are getting training and socialization, and learning to  relax around people. They need a lot of patience. When working with Lucas and Huckleberry, we avoid making eye contact, give them lots of tasty treats to earn their trust, and spend time just being present with them.

Lucas and Huckleberry are making progress. Lucas especially enjoys lounging in the front office with staff and having play dates with other dogs.

Lucas and Huckleberry are not ready for adoption, but make sure you check back and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more updates on these special pups! 

Learn More about the HSU/HSI work to rescue these dogs:

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