Dog Enrichment at Paws4ever

Play dates are one of the ways that dogs at Paws4ever stay active and engaged while waiting for their forever homes. Dogs are matched up for play dates based on personality, size, and play style. Uno and Heidi play together two times a day and they love it!

Dogs at Paws4ever also get enrichment activities every day – it might be a food puzzle, a fun scent to find, a frozen treat, a Kong with peanut butter, or a box filled with fun treats and toys hidden in newspaper! Enrichment keeps pets’ minds active and engaged.

In addition to spending time with people outside, staff and volunteers spend time in the kennels with the dogs to help make their kennels feel like a safe place to relax.

Dogs also take turns hanging out in the Adoption Center office. When you visit, don’t be surprised if a dog greets you at the front desk!

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