Boots’ Journey to Paws4ever

Boots wasn’t born in a shelter, that much is certain. No, sir. Boots entered the world with a silver tongue and a gleam in his eye, right in the heart of a bustling used car dealership. This place wasn’t your typical, oil-stained garage. This was “Big Bob’s Bargain Bin of Beauty,” a haven for pre-loved automobiles and the “Feline Closer Extraordinaire,” Boots.

Boots was ten pounds of pure ginger persuasion – a walking, talking advertisement with a purr that could rival a V8 engine. He’d perch himself on the hood of a cherry red convertible (claws retracted, of course), regaling potential customers with the finer points of a “slightly-lived-in leather interior” (translation: a few strategically placed cat naps). Test drives were his specialty. He’d hop in the passenger seat, nonchalantly adjust the rearview mirror with a paw, and launch into a sales pitch so smooth it could coax a trade-in out of a dachshund.

But alas, even the most talented tongue can’t sugarcoat everything. Big Bob, bless his heart, wasn’t the most responsible fellow. One day, the repo man came knocking, and amidst the chaos, Boots found himself separated from his showroom home. He wandered the streets for a while, his sales patter falling flat on disinterested ears. He even tried his paw at some freelance marketing, leaving paw-printed brochures (“Pre-Owned Purrfection: Lightly Used Lap Cat”) on doorsteps, but the response was…lukewarm. People couldn’t make sense out of the cat scratch.

Then – miraculously – he stumbled upon Paws4ever. Now, it wasn’t exactly the showroom he was accustomed to, but one look at the kind faces and the endless supply of chin scratches, and Boots knew he was onto something good. So, he settled in. 

And he’s decided to put his signature charm to work. The second you walk in, you’ll see him – his emerald eyes holding a glint seeming to ask, “Looking for a lightly-used cuddle buddy with a purr like a luxury engine? Look no further, friend. I’m your guy.” Maybe Paws4ever isn’t the fast-paced world of car sales, but hey, a good salesman knows how to adapt, right? With a wink and a purr, Boots is ready to sell you on himself as he hopes for a forever home to call his own – maybe it might even be you.

The previous story is a fictional depiction of Boots’ journey to Paws4ever. The details of his backstory presented here are purely fictional and meant to provide a whimsical narrative to accompany his adoption profile. We hope you enjoy getting to know Boots and consider opening your heart and home to this amazing feline companion.

About Boots

Come by and meet me - I'm a sweet older guy that is ready to be your best friend. If you are interested in a meeting with Boots, please click "Adopt Me" to fill out an adoption survey, then call us at (919) 241-8438 (ext. 103) or email to make an appointment to visit.


10 years




Domestic Short Hair


Orange/White Tabby





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$50 July 8-31 (Cats/Kittens are Adopt 1 Get 1!)

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