Walk To Save Animals

This is your chance to be a life-saver (and win prizes). Your participation will rescue homeless pets from crowded county shelters and give them the time and quality care they need to thrive and find their forever homes.

The highlight of PawsFest is always the big walk we take as a group to save animals. Though we won’t be walking side-by-side in person this year, we’re still in this together! When you sign up as a walk participant, you’re joining pet lovers across the community to support animals in need. Sign up now and fundraise during October. Then, in the final week, we’ll go for that walk – in our own neighborhoods, local parks, and backyards – and share in the knowledge that we are a part of a community making a life changing difference!

Participating in the walk is as easy as:

1)  Register

Your $25 registration fee will support pets in need. You’ll get a special-edition Paws4ever t-shirt!

2) Fundraise

It’s easy, and we’ll give you everything you need to get started! Set up a Facebook fundraiser, or simply send a donation link to your family and friends. You can even win fundraising prizes!

3) Walk

During the final week of October, go for a socially-distanced walk in your neighborhood or favorite park. This is a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors with your favorite 4-legged friend! Or, get creative and turn your walk into a canoe paddle, bike ride, knit-a-thon, bake-a-thon, or other fun activity. Take lots of pictures to share with Paws4ever and with your friends who donate!

Fundraising & Registration Prizes:

Raise money to support animals in need through Oct. 31st and you will be eligible to win the fundraising prizes listed below!  Prize levels are cumulative.

Reminders: If you are creating a Facebook fundraiser, be sure to send us the URL. If you are fundraising by sending the PawsFest Donation Page link to your family and friends, be sure they enter your name as the PawsFest Walk Participant they are supporting. Prize drawings will be held on Nov. 3. You can donate to your own campaign.

See the “How To Fundraise” section below for additional details.

Every Walk Participant Will Receive:

  • A free, special-edition Paws4ever T-shirt
    This brand new Paws4ever t-shirt is based on an original piece of artwork from pet portrait artist Pets By Josh. Every walk registrant will receive a promo code to order their t-shirt for free. No need to come pick it up, it’ll be shipped right to your home!
  • A chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Mediterranean Deli (2 winners)
  • A chance to win a pet supply gift set (one winner)
    Everyone who adopts a pet at Paws4ever in October will received a pet supply gift set as a part of the Fall Fur Me adoption promotion.

$30+ Fundraisers Will Receive:

  • A chance to win a $60 Visa gift card  (One winner)
  • A chance to win a $60 Paws4ever gift certificate   (One winner)

    $30 can feed a rescued animal for a whole month!

$100+ Fundraisers Will Receive:

  • A Coupon for $50 off a purchase of $100 or more for any Paws4ever service: Adoption Center, Resale Store, Dog Training Program, or Dog Park.
  • A chance to win a YETI Tundra 45 Hard Cooler, a $300 value!  (One Winner)

$100 can provide spay or neuter surgery to a rescued pet, protecting their health and preventing them from producing countless litters of additional homeless pets. Spay and neuter surgeries are the key to reducing homeless pet populations in our community. 

$200+ Fundraisers Will Receive:

  • A personal video introducing you to an animal that you helped save.

$200 can rescue an animal from a crowded county shelter and provide their initial medical care.

How to Fundraise

There are 2 ways to fundraise as a part of the PawsFest walk. 

1) Share a donate link

After you register to participate in the PawsFest walk, you can simply send this donate link to your family and friends. They’ll be prompted to enter your name as the PawsFest walk participant they’re supporting. When you send them the link, be sure to tell them about why you’re participating and what animal rescue means to you!


2) Create a Facebook Fundraiser

After you register to participate in the PawsFest walk, create a Facebook fundraiser for Paws4ever. Setting up a Facebook fundraiser is easy. The link below will walk you through the steps. Reply to your walk registration confirmation email or contact events@paws4ever.org to let us know the URL to your Facebook fundraiser so we can tie it to your fundraising total! 

Goal: Set your own fundraising goal! Be sure to check out the fundraising prize levels!
When should your fundraiser end: Your fundraiser should last at least until the end of October. Fundraising prizes will be based on total amount  raised through Oct. 31st.
What’s the title of your fundraiser: Be sure to include your name and Paws4ever or PawsFest in the title.
Why are you raising money: Feel free to use the prefilled text, use the suggested text below, or personalize it with your own reasons for supporting Paws4ever! You may want to include the story of getting your pets and what they mean to you. You may also want to tell your family and friends about your planned walk during the last week in October. You can make posts in your fundraiser to share pictures and updates throughout the month.

Join me in saving cats and dogs in need! I’m participating in the PawsFest virtual fundraising walk for Paws4ever. Your donation today will help Paws4ever to rescue animals from crowded county shelters and give them the time and quality care they need to thrive and find their forever homes. Rescuing animals is an important cause to me, and that is why I’ll be raising money during October and walking to save pets in need during the last week of the month. 

Paws4ever is dedicated to creating and growing lifetime relationships between pets and people through adoption, training, education & care. PawsFest is Paws4ever’s annual festival and fundraiser. PawsFest is virtual and socially-distanced this year, with fun and educational events throughout the month of October. Learn more at paws4ever.org/pawsfest

Cover Photo: Upload a picture of your pet, use the prefilled header, or download the PawsFest cover photo below!

I’m participating in the PawsFest walk to support pets in need in honor of Chloe! She’s a Blue Weimaraner, 9 yrs old. I rescued her 6 years ago!


I’m walking in honor of Ginger! We adopted her from Paws4ever 3 years ago and she’s my best friend! She loves to play on our farm.


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