Legacy Care at Paws4ever provides a loving home for dogs and cats when their owners cannot provide care. Through this program, we offer two solutions designed to help accommodate various situations.

• Immediate admission of animals whose owner can no longer provide care
• Enrollment for pet parents who want to plan ahead to ensure care if/when needed

WCHL interviewed former Executive Director, now Legacy Care Manager, Laura Griest about Legacy Care. Listen to the interview here.

General Information

The Legacy Care Residence, located on the beautiful 50-acre Paws4ever sanctuary, is a 2,000 square foot fully equipped home with spaces for the animals to socialize with the resident caretaker and the other animals or, if the animal prefers, have private space for lounging and eating. The home is beautifully furnished with soft places for the animals to sleep and toys to keep them busy during the waking hours. Our new cat enclosure allows cats to enjoy outside time safely, and fenced playing fields and nature trails are on property for our dogs to enjoy.

Legacy Care provides a home for pets when their owners are no longer able to provide care. Pets will live in the Legacy Care Residence at Paws4ever or in a Legacy Care Provider's own home until their forever family can be found. They'll receive the necessary nutrition, exercise, affection and, if needed, medication while living in a home with a caregiver who loves them.

Immediate Admission: As long as space allows, Paws4ever is able to admit pets immediately into our care once the application process is completed and the pet is accepted into the program.

Planned Enrollment: As a pet parent, you want to ensure quality care for your pet if/when you are no longer able to provide care. An excellent way to do this is to enroll in Legacy Care before you need it. With planned enrollment, pets are guaranteed care when needed, and you lock in the current year’s admission rate. Establish a provision for these funds in your Will or through a life insurance policy or other means of beneficiary designation.

To learn more about Legacy Care, view our Enrollment Packet, which includes frequently asked questions and an explanation of fees.


If you have questions about the program, are interested in adopting one of our Legacy Care pets or would like to schedule a tour of the Residence and grounds, please contact us at 919.241.8438 x114 or


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