Puppy Day Camp

Puppies are sweet, cuddly, and oh-so fun, but they can also be… a handful.
Don’t worry, we’re here to help.
Get an afternoon of “me” time while your puppy has a blast and learns new skills at Paws4ever’s Puppy Day Camp Adventure!

“We are so glad we enrolled our puppy CJ in Paws4ever’s Puppy Day Camp Program. While it was nice to have some quiet time for uninterrupted Zoom meetings and remote work, we were most grateful for the highly caring, expert, and personalized attention and skills training our puppy CJ received during camp. She solidified some skills (like recall and “leave it”) much more quickly than she would have with home training alone. Additionally, we were thrilled with her opportunities for socialization with other pups and humans, especially during Covid-19. One additional highlight from Puppy Day Camp was receiving the weekly emails from Cecelia – they were packed with detailed information about what CJ had learned and worked on during the previous week, as well as information about how to continue her learning in our home environment. As a bonus, the emails also included super cute videos of CJ during day camp! We would highly recommend Paws4ever Puppy Day Camp to anyone who is caring for a new fur creature!”


Puppy Day Camp Adventure

The dream of a new puppy filling your home with love and laughs does not always match the reality of having a canine toddler in your house. Are you looking for a break from the little one? Would you like some “me” time? How about giving your puppy a head start on all kinds of training and socialization? Sound good? Well, we have the solution to your problem at Paws4ever! Introducing Puppy Day Camp Adventure with Cecelia Erwin! Drop your puppy off between 1 and 1:30pm and Cecelia will work her magic until you return to retrieve your smarter (and tired) puppy at 5pm. Every other week there will be an additional half-hour session from 5 to 5:30 for owners!

A sample of the puppies’ afternoons includes: 

  • Settling into their play pens with chewies, toys or enrichment
  •  Socialization in the form of supervised play with other puppies (in compatible groups) and/or experiences with novel objects like wobbly boards, horizontal ladders, FitBones, umbrellas, vacuum cleaners, etc.
  • Potty break!
  • One-on-One training for obedience skills
  • Another supervised play break either outdoors in our fenced yard or indoors if the weather is inclement.
  • One-on-one work with the puppies on handling of feet, ears, mouth and basic vet experiences

What will they be learning?
Your puppy will get a good head start on: Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it, Recall, Beginner Loose Leash Walking
When you return to pick up your tired puppy, you will receive a report on what your puppy learned that day and how they did! After every two camp sessions, there will also be a 30 minute session with the puppy parents and Cecelia so she can let you know how to get the same results (training transfer).

Prerequisite:  The puppy must be within 9 to 20 weeks of age.
Prerequisite:  Negative fecal exam and clean bill of health from your Vet. At least one round of Distemper/Parvo vaccine and Bordetella.
Prerequisite:  Your puppy must have been in your household for at least 7 days prior to coming to camp.
Prerequisite:  There must be three puppies enrolled for this class to occur
Cost: $320 for 4 weekly sessions
Length: drop–off 1:00-1:30, pickup 5:00 *extra half hour every 2 weeks*


We have begun offering some in-person classes in-person with social distancing measures in place and masks required. We are also currently offering private consultations in-person and virtually by phone and video.

Group Class Safety Requirements Due to Covid-19:

    • We ask that only one family member attend class with each dog (gatherings are limited to 10 people in indoor spaces)
    • During indoor classes we will open both exterior doors and the windows to provide more fresh air flow
    • You will need to wear a mask during class (if your dog has not seen you in a mask, please acclimate them prior to coming)
    • Your instructor will be wearing a mask unless your ability to hear them is significantly impaired
    • You will be asked to sign a statement indicating that you do not have a fever and have not been in contact with someone with Covid-19 in the last two weeks (to your knowledge). Please bring your own pen to sign with
    • You will need to take your temperature at home on the day of class
    • We will be sanitizing bathrooms, door handles, chairs, etc. between any classes that are occurring
    • During puppy play in Puppy School you may be asked to stay in your chairs so that we can better maintain social distancing
    • During any demos with a dog, the instructor will use their own leash or will use gloves to handle your leash

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