Abigail’s Journey to Paws4ever

Abigail, a tabby with a coat the color that reminds you of London fog, was a creature of comfort. Unlike her rambunctious siblings, who bounced off walls and chased shadows with reckless abandon, she preferred the solace of her cardboard box. It was her fortress, her sanctuary, a world shrunk to the size of a not-yet-flattened Amazon package.

One sunny afternoon, Abigail was nestled in her box – the top flaps covering her as she meticulously groomed a particularly stubborn whisker – when the world tilted on its axis. A rumbling, unfamiliar vibration echoed from somewhere beyond the familiarity of dust motes and tasty kibble. Terror gnawed at her tummy as the box lifted, then tilted sharply, becoming a precarious vessel on a churning sea of cardboard.

Turns out, the culprit was Mr. Grumbles, the neighborhood tomcat with a penchant for sleeping walking at all times during the day and knocking things over with his considerable girth. In his sleep-induced rampage, he’d managed to catapult Abigail’s box right onto the open back of the passing UPS truck.

The journey was a blur of bumps, thumps, and unfamiliar sights. Through a strategically placed hole in the box, Abigail glimpsed a dizzying array of houses, parks, and even a bakery that smelled suspiciously good. Finally, with a screech of brakes, the truck jolted to a stop.

Panic subsided as gentle hands lifted the box. Abigail peeked out to find herself surrounded by an unfamiliar, yet strangely welcoming, cacophony of meows, barks, and the kind human voices that seemed to herald tuna treats. This, dear reader, was Paws4ever! It turned out that the kind UPS driver, a cat lover himself, had noticed the box with Abigail in it, so he delivered Abigail right to the shelter’s doorstep. The staff were captivated by the sight of Abigail, emerging with the grace of a shy ballerina. They gently introduced her to the other cats, all the while whispering stories about the mysterious “cat mail.”

Abigail still hasn’t quite lost her love for a good cardboard hideaway. While she dreams of her forever family, she sits patiently at Paws4ever nestled in her favorite box, dreaming of the day when she will find her perfect family. 

The previous story is a fictional depiction of Abigail’s journey to Paws4ever. The details of her backstory presented here are purely fictional and meant to provide a whimsical narrative to accompany her adoption profile. We hope you enjoy getting to know Abigail and consider opening your heart and home to this amazing feline companion.

About Abigail

If you are interested in a meeting with Abigail, please click "Adopt Me" to fill out an adoption survey, then call us at (919) 241-8438 (ext. 103) or email adopt@paws4ever.org to make an appointment to visit.





Domestic Short Hair


Brown tabby/white





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$50 July 8-31 (Cats/Kittens are Adopt 1 Get 1!)

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