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  • Bug

    AGE: 0 YEARS
    SEX: Female
    COLOR: Brown
    BREED: German Shepherd Dog, Beagle,

    Hi, I'm Bug and I'm new to Paws4ever! I'm not your typical outgoing little puppy; I was found as a stray and can be fearful and very nervous of people and my surroundings. I've been in foster care with a Paws4ever staff member and I'm making a lot of progress, but I still need to find a specific home for my forever home. I need to find a home with another playful dog as I really rely on a confident, playful dog to help me come out of my shell. I also need a home without kids (they really scare me) and a home that has a stable routine. I'll need a lot of time to acclimate to my new home and people, and would do best if I had a safe area where I could retreat to when I get overwhelmed, like a room or a cozy crate. I don't do well in high-populated areas as people are my biggest fear. I do love to chew on toys and I'm crate trained and potty trained; even though I'm really nervous, I'm a very well behaved little girl. I have a lot of love to give and so much potential, but I need my forever family to realize that I'll need a lot of time to adjust and may never be a "normal," outgoing gal. 

    If you're interested in meeting Bug or learning more information about her, please email


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  • Chase

    AGE: 3 YEARS
    SEX: Male
    COLOR: White
    BREED: Other, ,

    Hey y’all, I’m Chase! I’m a goofy silly little guy with a glowing personality. I have quite a bit of energy, and would like to find an active home or someone that will play with me a lot and teach me new things. I’m very smart and catch on to things quickly; I’m eager to learn and willing to please you and would do great in obedience classes - I’d really be a star student! I love belly rubs and playing with toys (tennis balls and rope toys are my favorites)! I do well with other dogs, but prefer them to be on the calmer side as I get nervous around too much energy. I have so much love to give, and with the silly faces I make, I promise I’ll keep you laughing. I just know I’ll be the perfect companion for you! 

    Chase is sponsored by Barbara Brooks.


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  • Duncan

    AGE: 11 YEARS
    SEX: Male
    COLOR: Brown
    BREED: Treeing Walker Coonhound, Beagle,

    Good day, my name is Duncan! I’m an older gentleman but I’m still pretty active, especially when there is the possibility of food. I love going for hikes where I can find all the scents and show off my hound skills, but other than that I’m pretty calm and enjoy sunning myself and rolling around in the grass. I’ve been at Paws4ever for a few years now because I have some health and behavioral challenges that require a specific home. I’d love a canine friend to reminisce about the glory days, but I don’t do well around cats or kids. While I used to have a wild side, I’m looking for a quiet home to enjoy retirement. 

    If you would like to meet Duncan, please email to schedule an appointment.

    Duncan is sponsored by Sheila and Robert Bush.

    ** Duncan's adoption fee has been waived thanks to an Adoption Angel! **


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  • Ember

    AGE: 2 YEARS
    SEX: Female
    COLOR: Tan/Yellow/Fawn
    BREED: Labrador Retriever, ,

    Hey there, I’m Ember! I’m a very sweet, playful gal with a lot of energy and love to give. I’m really smart and already know a few commands. I need some work on my leash training, but I’m very eager to learn and will master these skills in no time - I’d love to attend an obedience class, too! I love to run around and play with tennis balls, and my friends recently discovered that I love water, too! I also love giving lots of kisses! I’m looking for an active home that will take me on walks and hikes and play fetch with me all day. I can’t wait to find my forever home and promise I’ll be the perfect new best friend for you! 

    Ember is sponsored by Valarie Steenkamp.


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  • Louie Rolls

    AGE: 0 YEARS
    SEX: Male
    COLOR: Tan
    BREED: Shar Pei, Hound (Unknown Type),

    Hey, I’m Louie Rolls but you can just call me Louie. I’m a sweetie that wants nothing more than to love you. I really like people and can get excited at first, but I quickly settle down and learn that hugs aren’t necessarily appropriate when coming from a dog (I’m a dog?!). I don’t know much about toys, though they fascinate me, and I LOVE belly rubs. I walk nicely on a leash but do still need to learn basic commands - I’m quickly learning “sit.”  I’d love to find my forever home with a family that will play with me and keep me company. 


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  • Cheerwine

    AGE: 1 YEARS
    SEX: Male
    COLOR: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut
    BREED: Miniature Pinscher, ,

    Hey guys, I’m Cheerwine! I’m a teeny tiny little guy with a lot of personality and energy. They say big things come in small packages, and I’m no exception to the rule. I love to run around and play outside, and I leap and bound like a little gazelle. My legs may be tiny, but I can jump really high, and I’ve already proven that I can jump over fences (I like to keep things interesting). I also enjoy my quiet time and will sit in your lap for cuddles. If you’re looking for a little guy that can both play and cuddle, look no further!

    Cheerwine is sponsored by Francine and Benson Pilloff. 


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  • Buffy

    AGE: 1 YEARS
    SEX: Female
    COLOR: Brown/Chocolate
    BREED: Boxer, Akita,

    Hi, I’m Buffy! I’m one big, sweet girl but I can be nervous around new people so it’s best to go slow with me. I quickly warm up to you and enjoy getting my head and neck scratched - I have really soft fur, too! I enjoy the company of other dogs and LOVE treats (that probably contributed to my size). My ideal home would be with someone that could give me the time to come out of my shell, take me for walks, and give me lots of attention. I know that in no time, I’ll be a spunky, outgoing gal and best friend to you! 

    Buffy is sponsored by James and Delight Allen.


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  • Spyda

    AGE: 2 YEARS
    SEX: Female
    COLOR: Black
    BREED: Pit Bull Terrier, ,

    Hi, I’m Spyda and I’m a sweet little princess! I’m a silly, energetic gal that likes to run and play and also get lots of cuddles from you. I love treats and learn commands pretty quickly, so I’m sure I’ll be a star student in obedience classes. I get nervous around new people at first, but almost immediately warm up to you (especially if you have hot dogs). I do have a sassy side and when I’m being playful, I’ll try to talk to you, though I’m not sure most people speak dog. I like chasing tennis balls and hope my forever family will play fetch with me, teach me cool tricks, and give me lots of attention. My ears are big, but I promise you, my heart is bigger! 


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  • Casper

    AGE: 2 YEARS
    SEX: Male
    COLOR: Tan
    BREED: Labrador Retriever, Hound (Unknown Type),

    You’ve heard of Casper the friendly ghost, now meet me, Casper the friendly pup! I’m really sweet and love attention from people. I get really nervous when I’m by myself and prefer to be around people or another dog - sometimes I’ll cry/bark when I’m alone. I’m playful and so far learn commands pretty quickly but still need to learn basic commands and crate/house training skills. My ideal home would be with someone that goes on hikes (I like to use my sniffer), can take me to obedience classes, and give me lots of attention. I have so much love to give - come meet me today! 


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  • Ichabod

    AGE: 2 YEARS
    SEX: Male
    COLOR: Black
    BREED: Boxer, ,

    Ichabod, here! I may have an old name but I’m a young, playful dude. I like people and getting attention, and when I get excited I do a really cute dance, wiggle and bounce around for you. I love having my next rubbed and when you do, I lean all my bodyweight into you - I just love it so much! I also enjoy belly rubs - pretty much any attention is my favorite. I’d love to find a home with someone that can take me for walks/hikes, play with me, and most importantly, give me endless belly rubs and let me give lots of kisses. I know you need a studly dude like me in your life! 

    Ichabod is sponsored by Perry Dowd.


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  • Clyde

    AGE: 2 YEARS
    SEX: Male
    COLOR: Black
    BREED: Pointer, Border Collie,

    Clyde Rigsby here! I’m a sweet, energetic, confident young guy with a smile that will charm anyone. I was in foster care for a few months so I have experience in the home. In foster care, I did well around young kids, cats, and smaller dogs. I’m a couch potato and will steal your seat the second you get up. I’m also a singer and can make a variety of sounds (sometimes sounding like a T-rex). I love belly rubs and getting all sorts of attention and cuddles. I still need to learn some crate training, potty training, and basic commands, but I’m quite the student and know that I’ll master those skills in no time. 

    Clyde is sponsored by Dee and Ed Lowdermilk.


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